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Welcome to the Acrobotics league!

Acrobotics is a collegiate sport played by robots designed by different institutions in an effort to compare their abilities and compete for funding.

In the game you control one such robot in the Acrobotics Tryouts, where you can practice your maneuvering skills in singleplayer challenges or get some friends together to compete in a LAN-connected Acrobotics match.

The Rules of Acrobotics

The game is played with two teams, 1-3 robots on each side. To score points, a team must bring the ball to a goal. The ball is spawned in the middle of the arena at the start of the game and whoever touches it picks it up. 

If the player holding the ball touches a goal they will score a point for their team. The goal will then respawn in a different place without the player losing possession of the ball, allowing them to immediately continue on towards the new goal.

Each robot has several skills at their disposal, which can be used to move quickly around the arena or to knock the ball out of opponents’ hands. While holding the ball, some of these skills are restricted.


  • 3 Distinct robots with unique skills and movement abilities.
  • 2 Singleplayer game modes: 1 obstacle course for each robot and a scoring challenge.
  • LAN Multiplayer: Connect with your friends to play a proper Acrobotics match!
  • Free Roam Mode: When you just want to have fun enjoying the parkour-like movement and exploring the arena.


This version of Acrobotics is a demo, exploring the base mechanics of a larger game concept. The full game is planned to include: 

  • A ranked online multiplayer mode with leaderboards and career profiles.
  • An evolving storyline centered on the robots and their college student creators which develops based on ranked season results.
  • A multitude of singleplayer challenges that explore the world of Acrobotics further.
  • Additional playable robots with customisability. 
  • And many other features!

Acrobotics is still very early in development and may change depending on reception and feedback. Please tell us how you like the demo and what you'd like to see in the future! You can reach us on Twitter or join our studio Discord!


FRAME BREAK is a Swedish indie studio exploring various game concepts, with the goal of creating new and fresh takes on established genres or discovering new ways to play.

We've previously released GRAVIBEAT for Android and are now expanding our reach into the realm of PC games. 


Acrobotics Demo 147 MB

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